Afrotak TV cyberNomads

the ZDF arena audience at the soccer world championship

Soccer World Championship Germany promotion for ZDF

2002 birthday bash poster

2002 @frodelio birthday bash

poster for black community weeks, berlin

Promoting Black Community Weeks, Berlin, 2004

poster for our kwaanza lounging event

Kwaanza lounging, family oriented spiritual gathering

2005 nollywood meets berlinale poster

2005 Nollywood meets Berlinale

banner for the 7th afrika festival in potsdam

Promoting Afrika Festival, Potsdam, 2006

2001 spoken word performance poster

2001 Spoken word performance with Olumide Popoola and Amy Evans

banner promoting the national meeting of black germans

2006 Promotion for The National Meeting of Black Germans

banner for 2006 black community helpline

Racism Help Line

poster for 2006 black community helpline

Black Community Help Line during the FIFA World Cup, 2006

flyer for black german live music event

liveDEMO promotion for hip-hop music event, 2007

poster for 2007 black german comedy event

2007 Promotion for black german comedy event featuring Daniel Reisberg

Promotion for AFRoBerlin, 2007

banner for classic in black afrikahaus

Classic in Black Group promotion, 2007

2007 karawane tour poster

2007 Karawane Tour promotion

Promoting Brasil Move, Berlin, 2007

Promoting the Black German Bundestreffen, Hamburg

2007 Promoting the Initiative for Black German Youth

Promoting Bantu, Afrobeat Academy, Berlin

Presenting International Woman Day

2008 Presenting Hip-Hop Spricht

Event promotion for XXII Black International Cinema

Soul City Magic event promotion

Family Reunion event, Berlin, 2008

Building partnerships towards the establishment of a Black German Media Network

black community promotions we do

Let us help you promote your events in the black german community

african union diaspora committee


2004 nollywood meets berlinale poster

2004 Nollywood meets BerlinaleMore

attending a conference at the fachhochschule fulda


celebrating the ayf ngo media project award

Celebrating the African Youth Foundation NGO Media Project Award

poster promoting the may ayim award DVD

2004 May Ayim Award DVD

afrikanische diaspora in deutschland poster

Afrikanische Diaspora in DeutschlandMore

digital activism for the black german diaspora

2002 First steps in digital activism for the Black German Diaspora

2002 black media congress, self empowerment poster

Black Media Congress Berlin - SELF EMPOWERMENT, Goethe Institute, 2002More

black community service

Black Media Watch since 2001

2002 black media congress, soul power and cyberspace poster

Black Media Congress Berlin / Goethe Institute / 2002 SOUL POWER AND CYBERSPACE

black german spoken word event

Black German Spoken Word Performance ☆ More

battle of the narratives 3

Spoken Word Performance, Berlin, 2020

battle of the narratives 2

2020 Black Histories Month reLOADED, Berlin

battle of the narratives 1

Battle of the Narratives, Berlin, 2020

für ein afrikanisches denkmal

And Still We Rise, Memorial March in Honour of Black and African Victims of Enslavement Colonialsm and Racist Violence, Berlin, 2021More

clubhouse: talks of meaning

Talks_of_Meaning, COLORS - AESTHETICS - CULTURES, Berlin, May 7, 2021More

clubhouse: BERNSTEIN im Gespräch

Diversity in Marketing und Medien, Stage.B / Bernstein im Gespräch, May 27, 2021 @ 13.00More

Eröffnung BGV Neubau und 25 Jahre BER

Das Globale hat nun einen Ort in Berlin, Opening of BGV and 25 years BER, June 4, 2021 @ 16.00More

Namibia: No Amnesty on Genocide

Crimes of the colonial powers - Is responsibility for genocide time-barred? DEUTSCHLANDFUNK Namibia Wortwechsel, June 18, 2021 @ 18.00More

Goethe Park Cottbus: NBI / Reparation & Restitution

Literatur auf der Parkbank, Goethepark - Cottbuss, September 01/04, 2021More

WAHL Party / Neukölln

Discover your neighborhood, Neukölln, September 26, 2021More

Day against racism 2022

2022 Is poetry possible after genocide? Tag gegen Rassismus ☆ More

Angela Davis / Oplatz 2022

2022-10-06 18:00 Angela Davis Oplatz

BBB KuLE facade interview

TISCHGESELLSCHAFT Interview Black Berlin Biennale '20

BBB '22 - Generation Repair

Black Berlin Biennale MMXXII · Generation Repair

BBB '22 - Landscape of Faces

Landscape of Faces Black Berlin Biennale '22

The Black Book - Generation Repair

The Black Book: Generation Repair / Transnational Dialogues / Namibia - Germany

The Black Book - Visiting Namibia

The Black Book: Generation Repair / Transnational Dialogues / Namibia - Germany

The Black Book - Visiting Namibia - Poster

The Black Book: Generation Repair / Transnational Dialogues / Namibia - Germany

Film Premiere - Generation Repair - Poster

2024-02-24 15:00 The Film Premiere: Generation Repair / Namibia - Germany · Museum Neukölln ☆ Videos

Black Berlin Biennale - Poster

2024-08-31 Coming soon: Black Berlin Biennale 6.0